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Our Investment Background

Joffe invests in low-risk, high-return, development-grade investment land and developed lots. Since 2005, we have created different investment vehicles to purchase land more quickly and efficiently. Our experience raising funds has given us an edge that allows us to adapt to an ever-changing market and provide an unmatched investment structure for passive investors.


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  • Raw Land
  • Partially Developed Land
  • Fully Developed Land
  • Not Available
  • Single-Family
  • Multi-Family
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Office
  • Multi-Use

Setting the Pace in Silver Oak

Silver Oak was one of the first neighborhoods in the area to see new residential construction since the recession. Many in the real estate community felt it would take a decade or more for the Dallas/Paulding housing market to return. Joffe brought in a homebuilder that was able to sell over 100 single-family homes within 24 months. Despite almost no homebuilding taking place in the entire county at the time of purchase, Joffe sold all 122 developed lots and 101 raw future lots within three years of purchasing.

Riding High in South Wind

Even though homebuilding came to a halt during the recession in the South Fulton area, Joffe Land Companies had confidence it could turn the South Wind subdivision around. Four years later, the community is thriving.

A Revival in Paulding County

New home construction was practically non existent at the time in surrounding Paulding County.

Big News in Berkleigh Trails

Paulding County continues to rebound from the housing crash and was, at one time, considered the 8th fastest growing county in the nation, according to CNN Money. The explosive growth shows our economy has largely recovered and there is again a demand for new construction.

The Georgian on the Rise

Like Berkleigh Trails, The Georgian transactions continue to prove how Paulding County has sharply rebounded from the housing crash of the mid 2000s.

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