Joffe Land Realty

Joffe offers a wide array of realty services to assist you in making educated land decisions. Whether you are looking to buy land or sell land, Joffe has the resources and expertise to make your real estate transaction successful.

Navigating the complexities of today’s real estate market requires experience and a proven network of contacts and relationships. Over the years, Joffe has built a strong reputation for honesty, reliability and professionalism. The sterling track record gives us priority access to buying and selling opportunities around Atlanta and often before they hit the open market.

Also, to keep abreast of market conditions and trends, Joffe is in continual contact with a wide array of dealmakers, including private landowners, developers, builders, investors, lenders and city planners. The ongoing dialogue lets us to provide timely data to our clients so they can make more informed buy-and-sell decisions.  

If you have plans to buy or sell land, Joffe’s custom brokerage services provide the guidance and comprehensive property information needed to facilitate the entire process. Please contact us about your interest in purchasing or selling land.

Are You Looking To Buy Land?

Joffe is well connected to the Metro Atlanta land market and has the experience and resources to find the exact piece of property you want. 

Our extensive network of contacts in the industry allows us to know all available land deals both on and off the market. We can locate developed or undeveloped lots anywhere. From a single undeveloped lot for a builder to thousands of acres for a developer, we know how and where to find information.

As availability and prices are both in your favor, now is the time to purchase land. Whether you are looking to secure land for an investment or immediate use, Joffe will provide the guidance you need to achieve your goals.

Are You Looking To Sell Land?

Joffe’s reputation for honesty, integrity and fairness keeps us well-connected within the Atlanta area. Through years of experience, we know who is buying what in each specific submarket. Knowing the right buyers to approach allows us to maximize your sale and reduce your time on the market.

We know the ins and outs of positioning land to achieve optimal value, and we will guide you through the entire selling process. Also, whether you are an institutional or private landowner, we know that selling your land is a big decision. Joffe is sensitive to your concerns and will make every effort to ensure you are comfortable every step of the way.


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