Flexible & Unique Investment Strategies

By using current economic conditions to our advantage, we have developed flexible and unique strategies to create wealth for our investors.

One of the Largest Land Investors in the Southeast

Howard Joffe, a principal, promoter and investor of his opportunity funds, is one of the largest land investors in the Southeast. Through various entities he has formed, Joffe has purchased and currently manages approximately 15,000 developed and master-planned residential lots. These lots span more than 7,000 acres across the Southeast with most of the portfolio located in Metro Atlanta. The portfolio also includes hundreds of acres of commercial, office and industrial-zoned land.

There are many benefits to investing in a diverse mix of developed and raw land. 

Raw land can be often purchased at a discount and is more likely to be sold all at once to a single developer versus multiple transactions to different builders over time (like with developed lots). Raw land holding costs are also significantly lower than developed lots, which creates a cost-effective advantage and the ability to hold for a longer time frame. 

That said, a stronger demand still exists for developed lots, creating the opportunity to acquire raw land at highly discounted prices. Through extensive relationships, resources, and research, Joffe reviews thousands of developed and raw land deals annually and chooses projects that fit his strict investment criteria and produce the highest projected Internal Rate of Return (IRR).

Why Now Is The Ideal Time to Invest

Due to a shrinking supply of developed lots, inexpensive land will become more difficult to obtain. There is also an increasing amount of capital returning and the housing numbers speak for themselves. 

There are outside factors that can affect the future health of the housing market, like changes in tax laws, or a stock market decline. However, uncertainty exists in any market. The more one pays for an asset the riskier that investment becomes. That's why Joffe is so intent on acquiring assets at absolute bottom-dollar prices -- those that will hopefully never be seen again. 

Today’s headlines are dominated with short-term statistics aimed at attracting readers. Joffe values assets based on a slow but upward trending, long-term recovery. Rock bottom negotiated prices are a result of a strong reputation as a reliable buyer and the ability to close quickly without any debt.

The following factors will contribute to increasing lot sales and prices:

  • Inflation (historically averages 3% per year)
  • Decreasing inventory of developed lots
  • Increasing population in the high growth areas surrounding the subject properties
  • Backlog of purchasers waiting to enter the market
  • Loosening credit markets

Our Approach for Maximizing Investment Returns

Expedited Closing Periods

Joffe closes quickly on contracts to allow for a greater discounted purchase price as well as more opportunities to work with banks, auction companies and distressed sellers.

Close Relationships with City and County Officials

An ongoing, active dialogue allows us to gather valuable insight into the goals and objectives of future economic development.

Secure Investment Structure

  • Ideal passive real estate investment vehicle.
  • Money is tied to land (a real asset), which limits the downside risk.
  • Multiple investment horizon opportunities: Typically 1 to 5 years

Joffe Land Investments provides the ideal vehicle to reach your financial goals. Unlike stocks, bonds and other equity investments, Joffe’s investment opportunities offer limited downside risk while still providing a high rate of return.

Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to helping you achieve investment success.

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