Howard Joffe


Howard Joffe is the president and founder of Joffe Land Companies, an Atlanta-based land investment, development and management company. Joffe has amassed a portfolio of over 7,000 acres (for residential, commercial and industrial use) with a value approaching $400 million. In a short time, he has become one of the region's largest and most influential land investors.

Joffe has created many opportunity funds, focusing on fully developed lots, large-scale mixed-use communities, as well as raw and partially-developed land for residential or commercial use. Over the past decade, he has established a following of several hundred high net-worth investors, in addition to a number of billion-dollar institutional, private equity and pension fund investment partners.

Joffe is the son of a homebuilder, and has been looking for land opportunities since he was 19 years old. Joffe moved to Atlanta to further his career in the land investment business, and began experimenting with new technologies that made it easier to find land-related information (ex: online listings, tax information, satellite imagery, digital flood plains, topography maps and GPS). Working behind three computer monitors, Joffe integrated these tools in order to analyze multiple properties at once.

At age 24, Joffe then found his first land investment opportunity. It was located in an undesirable area of metro Atlanta, a place most investors didn't want to visit, let alone invest in. However, Joffe knew certain tracts of land in that corridor had been rezoned from single-family to multifamily and/or commercial. He eventually scraped together the capital from investors, and six months later the land was sold for 9X the purchase price.

Years later, Joffe continues to see opportunity in places others don't. For every purchase, thousands of properties are reviewed by Joffe and his team. This level of discipline has lead to a proven track record of outsized investor returns, seldom seen on such a large scale. Remarkably, he achieves the returns with little to no bank debt. When it comes to investing, performance is everything.

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Joffe has always been passionate about investing. After moving to the U.S., Joffe met with his first stockbroker at the age of 10, in order to invest the $200 he earned by selling golf balls retrieved from the lakes of a golf course he lived on. As a teen, he created one of the first e-commerce event photography websites hiring photographers across the country, imported artifacts from Zimbabwe to sell to local stores, set up tent sales to sell rugs borrowed from his uncle's rug store, and cut over 1,000 lawns through his landscaping business.

A born entrepreneur, Joffe holds a degree in finance from Indiana University-Bloomington.

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