by Howard Joffe

President, Joffe Land Companies

The economy is somewhat disconnected right now. Some sectors have declined recently, while housing continues to perform well.

John McManus of Builder writes: "Wall Street gyrations, China's convulsions, the energy sector glut, a global undercurrent of terror, a sharply polarized election year, and, now, shaky corporate earnings and outlooks have snowballed into a big confidence downer."

It's true. There are plenty of factors working against the housing industry right now. Still, McManus and others forget there was a lot of pent-up demand created during the recession. Yes, we may see short-term blips in the market, but the long-term outlook is positive because there's a lack of supply.

agree more with Mark Jones, president/co-founder of AmeriFirst Home Mortgage.

Jones writes: "I see pent-up demand, rising rent, still-low interest rates and increasing home values as the formula for some great years ahead in the housing market."

Jones goes on to say he believes we're "in a period in which a rising tide will lift all boats, coast to coast and suburbia to urban centers."

As the housing market continues to grow, Joffe Land Companies (JLC) is poised to capitalize. Builder ranks the top 100 builders in America, and in the past 24 months, JLC has sold lots and land to four of top 25. 

From my vantage, the housing market is on the upswing, and our team is hard at work evaluating new investment opportunities for 2016. If you'd like to learn more about investing with JLC, read more information here and then contact us at the bottom of the page.



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