The Joffe Difference

We have had great success at finding below market deals, and our ability to invest without debt has allowed Joffe Land Companies to flourish in this down economy.  Moreover, as many people were forced to sell their land over the last several years, the Joffe Land Companies’ ability to purchase land has us poised to succeed as the market recovers. Year after year, our experienced team and its affiliates continue to produce outstanding investments and remains well-respected within its industry.

Joffe Land Companies also represents the ideal investment vehicle by offering limited downside risk typically associated with stock, bond or other equity investments.

Howard Joffe, a principal and promoter of all of the Joffe Land Companies is one of Metro Atlanta’s largest land owners.  Through the various entities he has formed, Howard has purchased and currently manages approximately 15,000 developed and master-planned residential lots.  These lots span more than 7,000 acres within 35 miles of Downtown Atlanta, and include hundreds of acres of commercial, office, and industrial zoned land. All property was closed with 100% equity (no debt).

Howard has been able to raise millions of dollars from high net worth investors and large private equity and institutional investors due to his depth of knowledge and experience in the industry. By combining his keen ability to recognize profitable land deals with his natural talent for creating wealth, Howard has achieved astounding investment success. In fact, Howard purchased his first deal in an undesirable part of Atlanta and many people thought he was crazy for doing so. However, he sold the property six months later for 9 times his purchase price.

Building on Howard’s fine reputation and vision for the future, Joffe Land Companies is currently developing and managing some of Atlanta’s largest residential communities. We encourage you to explore our site and we look forward to serving your land investment and property needs.

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